Last Updated: March 23, 2021

Equa Partners with Tokensoft, Horizen Labs, and Others to Extend Flexibility, Security, and Compliance to Ecosystem of Governance Solutions

DENVER (March 23, 2021) – Equa today announces integration partnerships with Tokensoft, Horizen Labs, PolyMath, and AIKON to enhance solutions for equity management and distribution, issuance, and tokenization. Equa is the leading immutable governance platform that scales from organizational formation to day-to-day investment management, meeting the demands of today's owners and entrepreneurs. 

“Businesses need a better way to align their activities to business goals and the expectations of stakeholders and clients. Equa is tackling this problem.,” said Equa CEO, Shawn Owen. “Ultimately, the solution will come from marrying cutting edge technology with better governance. We are delighted partners Tokensoft, PolyMath, Horizen Labs, and AIKON join us in this vision of the future and are eager to bring our integrated solutions to a large and growing market of forward-thinking entrepreneurs.” 

Coinbase-backed Tokensoft, which is providing know-your-customer (KYC), anti-money-laundering (AML) and accreditation services to Equa during its own fundraising efforts, has partnered to extend KYC/AML/accreditation features to Equa’s platform. Tokensoft helps ensure compliance with regulations in over fifty countries; each investor is asked to comply with requirements in their individual jurisdiction. The integration allows clients using Equa’s Issuance Portal access to these features for a seamless experience when digitally signing and receiving documents related to crypto and fiat currency collection.

Tokensoft CEO, Mason Borda, comments, "Our mission aligns with Equa in advancing the compliant adoption fintech solutions to empower shareholders in private markets. We are excited to integrate with Equa and help provide their clients a better experience managing their investments.” 

Horizen Labs partners with Equa to help enhance trust and transparency, one of the critical benefits of blockchain to enterprises, for Equa’s clients and their investors. This partnership serves to enhance the promise of uptime, security, and efficiency to Equa platform users. 

“Without trust, business agreements are meaningless. The current state-of-affairs around company formation and equity management is broken and, worse, opaque. How can you have trust without transparency? We look forward to tackling these challenges side-by-side with Equa,” says Horizen Labs COO Dean Steinbeck. 

PolyMath, a white label toolkit to deliver an end-to-end security token journey, and Equa partnered to create a more secure and compliant investor/investment ecosystem. The partnership will allow Equa clients to use the PolyMath ERC-1400 security token in future issuances, which means security tokens will be jurisdictionally compliant from issuance through to Cap Table Management. PolyMath’s promise to evolve as the security token market matures ensures Equa’s client solutions will also adapt to meet new security and regulatory requirements.

Equa is taking an innovative approach to developing solutions for cap table management and other company governance and investor needs. We are delighted to partner with them to improve the user experience of our joint clients,” says Polymath CEO Trevor Koverko.

Equa is integrating with AIKON to provide a blockchain identity solution that would allow Equa clients to easily update their multisignature infrastructure wallets and blockchain-agnostic tools, which offers a far simpler user experience than the processes currently required to update multisig wallets. The Equa-ORE ID integration allows the interoperability of Equa’s platform regardless of whether a client is holding or managing a particular cryptocurrency, fiat currency, or traditional equity. This means clients can put token or equity assets on blockchain as well as tokenize equity or use token digital assets on an immutable platform. 

AIKON CEO Marc Binder comments, “We are excited to partner with Equa in its venture to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to a broader audience of companies and users. This really aligns with the mission we set out to accomplish with AIKON. We look forward to seeing the partnership evolve and grow.” 

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