Last Updated: May 7, 2021

Equa Opens Registration for Promissory Notes with Investment Strategy in Bitcoin and Launches NFT Capabilities

Equa announces a private offering of $2.5 million of yield earning senior notes, using proceeds to purchase Bitcoin for the Equa corporate treasury solution. 

DENVER (May 7, 2021) – Equa, a leading immutable governance platform that scales with organizations from formation to day-to-day governance, opens participation in its new strategy of offering promissory notes and a policy to invest the proceeds into Bitcoin (BTC) treasury and corporate treasury tools for private companies. As part of its ongoing commitment to bringing digital asset opportunities to its clients, Equa also will be offering platform subscribers the capability to create new non-fungible tokens (NFT) on its platform.   

Shawn Owen, Founder and CEO of Equa, expressed, "We firmly believe in the new and innovative financial tools that digital currencies offer. This is why we're very excited to announce the opening of our private offering and use of proceeds to purchase Bitcoin for Equa's corporate treasury. The launch of NFT capabilities further demonstrates our commitment to providing our clients with cutting-edge opportunities in the digital assets space.” A Bitcoin advocate since early 2011, Shawn Owen helped pioneer cryptocurrency-backed lending with the launch of SALT where he remains involved as a Board Member. 

Equa's NFT offering supports clients with the ability to create NFTs. Since Equa is blockchain-agnostic, companies can choose to mint their NFTs on any blockchain when working with Equa. Equa supports blockchains ETH, EOS and RVN. Company NFTs can be seamlessly integrated into Equa's cap management platform, which provides simple and secure management.  Early participants will be able to earn Equa Cash for claiming their NFT early.   Equa makes it frictionless to gather the required information to create company NFTs and register them on a blockchain. Starting today, Equa users can claim NFTs representing their organization. Claim your NFT here. 

Shawn Owen shared, "Equa’s experience in blockchain and crypto transactions and management has given us unique insight into how to structure a non-fungible token. Designed so that it’s easy for organizations and their token holders from end-to-end, our innovative solution allows for easy token creation and the benefits of blockchain records using crypto-enabled signatures to create an immutable record." 

Equa's Bitcoin-backed promissory notes will be issued at two separate interest rates depending on the amount invested. Those purchasing promissory notes less than $25,000 earn 5% APY, while those purchasing promissory notes greater than $25,000 earn 13% APY paid out weekly. Those interested in participating in this round, can register early on Equa’s ID platform EquanimID. 

More information on Equa's new NFT capabilities can be found here.

For media inquiries, please contact Stephanie Vaughan Weichsel at Stephanie(at)Equa(dot)Global.

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Equa is a leading immutable governance platform that scales with your organization from formation to day-to-day governance, facilitating dynamic document and cap table management, easy equity distribution, investment, issuance, and more. Designed for founders, executives, and shareholders at high growth startup and blockchain companies regardless of corporate structure or legal status, Equa integrates across solutions and digital equities or currencies for seamless management across organizational transactions and agreements. Unlike traditional point-solutions for formation management and administration, Equa’s comprehensive governance solutions are designed for tomorrow’s executives and owners who demand transactional speed and ease-of-access without sacrificing document and agreement security and integrity. 

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