Meet the Equanauts

Shawn A. Owen

Founder & CEO
Shawn is a serial entrepreneur and trailblazer in the blockchain world with over 25 years business operations experience. A bitcoin advocate since early 2011, Shawn pioneered cryptocurrency-backed lending with the launch of SALT where he remains involved as a Board Member. 

In 2019, he started Equa to bring company formation and governance solutions into the future by leveraging his expertise in corporate structure and crypto-backed technology solutions. Shawn envisions a world of friction-less, self evident, and transparent truths beginning with corporations and extending into the daily lives of shareholders.

Bryan Cupps

Chief Technology Officer
Bryan brings deep experience in both the design and engineering of software and hardware solutions, having co-founded several technology start-ups over his 30-year career. As Equa’s CTO, he promises to drive a solution roadmap that meets the demands of today’s organizations as well as tomorrow’s investors. 

Bryan holds six U.S. Patents and two International Patents for hardware and software, including for a 1997 technology, nominated for the 1997 Smithsonian Award by Steve Jobs of Apple Computers and archived in the Smithsonian Institute, that facilitated online takeout and delivery from individual restaurants.

Dean LaFleur

Chief Financial Officer
Dean LaFleur brings a wealth of business and financial experience to Equa with his extensive background stretching back over 30 years. Dean has improved business processes and built profit-based systems for companies all over North America. Dean believes that the simplest solution that meets all the objectives is usually the best course.
Dean Started his career as a US Navy Carrier Jet Pilot and followed that in positions such as Business Owner, Management Consultant, General Manager, CFO and Corporate Pilot, among others. Dean holds a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Bill Decker

Bill’s background in both sales and marketing gives him a solid understanding of the issues that companies face. As a serial entrepreneur, has was forced to tackle many of the issues that Equa’s clients deal with today. Bill has a strong education in Data Analytics, Media, Financial Services and Technology. His last startup in 3D Printing was sold to Michael Bloomberg.

Bill believes companies should stick to their core, and outsource whatever doesn’t fit directly with their mission. He has lived all over the world, speaks several languages and has an MBA from Erasmus University, The Netherlands. He is also a failed stand up comic.

Kelley J. Cochran

Director of Operations
Kelley is a passionate leader with 20+ years management experience in hospitality, training, administration, and event planning. As Director of Operations, she ensures Equa’s systems, communication, and production is all in alignment with Equa's big picture, meeting the demands of tomorrow’s business leaders and owners. 

Prior to Equa, she worked with the CEO and Founder, Shawn Owen, on other projects such as SALT Lending, Southern Hospitality, and other various entities together for the past 9 years now. She is passionate about building teams, communication, organization, design and creativity. Kelley possesses a growth-mind set and studied Interior Design and Space Planning at the Art Institute.

Sten Wie, PhD

VP of Business Development
Sten is a results driven business development manager with a penchant for solving complex problems in business and science. At Equa, he is responsible for delivering exceptional client solutions and expanding the growing network of empowered owners and shareholders on Equa’s transformative platform.

Sten, whose work has been published and patented, spent much of his professional career in scientific research. He holds a BS in Biology and a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Colorado.

Rebekah Bonn

Director of Customer Experience
Rebekah’s dedication to providing exceptional customer experiences and outcomes has been demonstrated through her progressive work experience and cross market network. Her steadfast commitment to cultivating relationships and building strategies has brought her to Equa. As Director of Customer Experience, Rebekah will continue to build and maintain relationships with our customers while also developing strategies to increase positive outcomes and experiences for all.

Prior to Equa, Rebekah worked within various industries ranging from entrepreneurial businesses to large corporations, hospitals to hospitality, and most recently ultra-high net worth wealth management. Rebekah has a strong and proven  track record of integrity and high-level service, designed to meet and exceed customer needs. Rebekah is very involved in her community and in the arts and is an active board member at ‘Bringing Music to Life’. In her spare time, she is passionate about spending time with family and friends, music, and enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

Chris Schommer

VP of Sales
Chris’ experience in working with investments, taxes, risk mitigation, and planning provides a solid foundation in understanding the challenges business owners & executives face. Chris is responsible for alleviating your pain points through the streamlined solutions Equa offers. He emphasizes that your talent should be spending their time on your product and client experience, and sticking to their core.

Chris is securities licensed and federally licensed as an Enrolled Agent Tax Practitioner. With his depth of knowledge, Chris brings a fresh perspective to the rapidly evolving landscape of corporate governance, blockchain, crypto, and NFTs. He holds a BA Management from Whittier College. If you’re looking to hit the links, Chris is always in for a round of golf!

Josh Jacobson

VP Integrations
Josh is leading the way humans will agree with each other in the future. Drawing from 15 years of experience in SaaS, venture investing, and additive manufacturing, today Josh works with Equa’s customers to better manage their equity agreements and helps to eliminate costly disputes that may arise in the future.
As a former startup CEO, he knows the trials and tribulations early stage companies go through in governing and managing their assets and people. Josh earned an MBA from the University of Colorado, a Finance degree from the University of Maryland, and has run the gamut in the startup world from fundraiser to venture partner.

Stephanie Vaughan Weichsel

Transfer Agent
Stephanie is an experienced operations and finance professional with deep experience in blockchain, crowdfunding, venture capital, and investment banking. At Equa, she leverages her experience to align new company formation and management solutions to client needs. 

Prior to Equa, Stephanie served as COO for David Chaum’s blockchain project, xx network. In 2012, she received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps at the rank of Captain. Stephanie holds a BS in Quantitative Economics from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA from Columbia School of Business.

Christopher Johnson

System Architect / Tech Lead
“CJ” has been programming since 1992. He has professional experience with the following languages: C, C++, C#, CoffeeScript, Go, Groovy, Haxe, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, LaTeX, Lua, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SL, TypeScript, and Visual Basic. He has created his own programming language, Imp, which translates to other programming languages ( CJ leads our software development team.

Izabella Árvai

Creative Director
Izabella has been with Equa for over 3 years, and she is a proven leader and talented designer who is passionate about visual communications and focusing on digital mediums. She enjoys working on product scoping and designs, web, and social materials, while always developing and building up her teammates along the way.

She possesses a thirst for creativity and technology, thriving on translating raw technology concepts into inspiring, visual language. Her top skills include researching, UI, prototyping, and vector graphics. She holds a Master's Degree in Advanced Communication Techniques and a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Public Relations from the Univ. of Babes-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca.

Renae Deiter

Marketing Manager
Renae is an innovative marketing expert with 3 years of experience. She has spent most of her professional time helping small businesses grow. Specializing in SEO, content creation, and website usability. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and the evolution of media. Prior to Equa, Renae was working as the marketing manager for 3 small businesses and grew their business by 80%. Renae has a BS in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from Colorado State University.

Lisa Ying

UI / UX Designer
Lisa is a talented, open-sharing, collaborative Product Designer with 3 years of UX/UI experience. Those involve various Saas and mobile applications, experience with Apps for iOS and Android. She specializes in user interaction, interface system design, information architecture with UCD, business goal, and front-end in mind, creates and improves design processes within the team. Focusing on improving the product and make it easy to use.

Jeeni Patel

Quality Assurance
Jeeni is a deadline oriented software tester with more than 12 years of experience in manual testing environment and recent experience in automation. Her expertise is in designing and developing strategic Test Plans, Test cases, Test scenarios, Test report for both manual and automation testing. She easily collaborates with developers and project managers to accomplish project milestones. Jeeni has a solid history of discovering errors, resolving defects and ensuring client expectations are met with high-quality software solutions.

Shreya Singh 

Backend Software Developer
Shreya is a Software Developer with an excellent academic record. She has experience working on smart contracts and blockchain projects. She is truly passionate about her work and is always eager to connect with others. She has ability to work in different environment and has curiosity in software technologies, programming, and learning.

Aditya Bisht

Frontend Software Developer
Aditya is a Frontend and Smart Contracts Software Developer with a passion for design and providing an excellent user experience. Aditya is a results driven professional who is excited about building Equa's front end. He has an eye for detail and design, and he loves a good challenge. He is an excellent communicator and works well with devs, project managers, design teams, and executives. 
Aditya holds a Bachelor of Technology from Amity University with a focus on computer systems, networking, and telecommunications.
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