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About Equa

Equa envisions a world of frictionless, self-evident, and transparent truths beginning with corporations and extending into the daily lives of shareholders.

Equa is on a mission to improve an organizations governance across departments and shareholders by innovating how business stakeholders structure, share, and update agreements and investments.

Equa's team is deeply committed to our customers and go above and beyond to ensure the demands of today's generation of owners and entrepreneurs are properly equipped for the present and the future organizational governance.

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Cap Table Management Software Fortify your business assets using the capitalization table management tool. Enjoy superior equity and asset management.

409A Valuations Appraise the fair market value of your company's common stock using Equa. Never worry about shouldering the burden of doing your own valuation and taking compliance risks.

Incentive Plans & ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Manage your ESOP using our platform. Stop using outdated and error-prone ESOP systems.

Scenario Analysis Prepare for the future by analyzing the impact of fundraising and stock dilution by taking advantage of Equa's predictive technology. Reduce the headache and concern of what happens if your company experiences an exit event.


Permission-Based Access
Keep your documents organized and customized without fear of security risks. Grant different levels of access to individual users.

Data Room
Access a secure investor data room. Make your investors happy with easily accessible information.

Notification System
Interact with your organization using our communication system. Don't fret about getting bogged down with multiple chat platforms.

Structural Efficiency
Convert your companies structural agreements into actionable living agreements. Minimize excessive legal fees by adding your legal team for direct approval.

Incorporate Your Business
Form your business entity directly into your Equa account for immediate integration with your organizations. No more wasted time doing your own filings.

Business Agreements
Facilitate your operational and legal agreements using our software as a central source of truth. Never lose sleep over possible document errors.

Law Firm Access
Grant access to your legal firm directly into your legends and legal documents to save time and unnecessary emails.


Long gone are the days of using spreadsheets to manage your cap table.

With Equa, the process is streamlined to save you precious time and money!

  • Automatic Updates to Cap Table
  • Incentive Plans
  • Organize Multiple Issuances
  • Eliminates Outdated Version Control Issues

Reward yourself for offering incentive plans to your team with our effortless Incentive Plan feature. 

  • Manage your ESOP with Time-Saving Ease
  • Visual Graphs to Easily Show Vesting Schedule
  • Add Multiple Option Pools
  • Easily Add and Edit Option Holders

Issuance Features

Feel empowered with the simplified tools to help your issuance deliver a premier experience to your investors and team. 

  • Investor Dashboard
  • Invitation tools
  • Customized Integrated Web Page
  • Document Signing
  • Issuer Drafting Admin Tools
  • Automatic Updates to Cap Table
  • Gap Analysis
  • Organize Multiple Issuances

Compliance Features

Bring peace of mind to your organization and your investors with built in compliance tools for your issuance. 

  • KYC/AML Accreditation Qualification
  • 409A Valuations
  • Enforced Investor Limits
  • Tax Reporting
  • Available Support for Registered Offerings
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • FATCA Information
  • Rule 144 Enforcement

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