Last Updated: December 23, 2020

Former Salt CEO, Shawn Owen, Launches Equa's New Blockchain Enabled Incentive Plans

Crypto Lending Pioneer and Founder of Equa Launches Blockchain-Enabled Incentive Plans


DENVER, December 23, 2020 ( - Shawn Owen, former CEO of SALT, a Denver based crypto lending company and pioneer of lending against collateralized crypto assets, is proud to announce the launch of Equa's blockchain incentive plans as the newest addition to the Equa product suite.

Equa is the leading crypto-backed platform connecting organizations to stakeholders from a company's formation and team building, to fundraising and growth; Equa serves businesses of all stages.

The genesis behind this launch is to provide a transparent and frictionless incentivization tool and consolidated audit trail for private companies from inception to high growth. 

"Adding a focus on incentive plans was a crucial step in meeting the organizational needs of the private companies we serve. Aligning stakeholders with a mission through equity ownership is key to any successful company. Having the tools to get this equation right from the start gives founders Equa(nimity) or the peace of mind to then focus on their business growth," says Owen.

Today, high growth startups, VC fund managers, S-Corps, and LLCs are using Equa for cap table management, digital transfers, and fundraising issuance tools backed by a blockchain. Owen elaborates on blockchain's potential;

"Underpinning the new Incentive plan product launch, Blockchain is playing a pivotal role in our organization application by enabling the technology to create a frictionless and consolidated audit trail of all digital agreements that hasn't been possible before" 

To use Equa for your organization go to our website and sign-up today.


Equa, founded in 2019, is the leading one-stop-shop software solution for frictionless organization, integrated in a company's current workflow. From seed to fruition, Equa helps businesses form, raise, and grow by minimizing the chaos and pains of being an entrepreneur and business owner. Equa is building the instantaneous and frictionless future using crypto technology for a streamlined process from signing to settlement. 

Shawn Owen

Shawn Owen is widely known for being an early Bitcoin advocate and pioneer in the crypto-backed lending space, which was deployed in 2017 as the company SALT launched the first Bitcoin-backed loan products. Shawn is a proven business founder with two decades of experience in leadership and enterprise operations, focused on innovation, product delivery, and consumer satisfaction.

Source: Equa


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