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Why use Equa if you're just starting out?

Becoming and staying organized from the conception of your business is imperative to the success of your organization later on. Equa is here to support and guide you along the way while your company grows successfully.

We know startups! Rely on us to help you succeed.

At Equa, we know startups, and all of the challenges and issues that can arise. We know that it's important to stay organized, transparent, and focused to become successful with your business. We want you to succeed!

We're here to support you all of the way.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality support to all of our clients. We're available by phone, email, and chat to answer questions or hear feedback you might have. Strong relationships are important to us!
Why wait any longer? Let's grow your startup now.
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Seamlessly create your new organization.
Equa's robust and user friendly organization creation management tool easily allows you to create and manage your business's settings. Add your company logo, address, website URL, and more.

This will allow you to gain access to your own data room, ability to create a cap table and more, staying organized from the very beginning!
Quickly add team members and more.
Our team member page allows you to easily enter your valued team member's information and details including title, email address, and date of birth if wanted.

Our different roles also serve as permission based tags, to allow people to only see what you want them to see in your portal.
Build out your team & invite when you're ready.
Once they're in and when you're ready, simply go in and invite them to your company's Equa account.

You can also resend and invite later on if they don't respond.
Be in charge of your data room & version control.
  • Upload documents, files, and even entire folders saving you time
  • Create clean documents, eliminating version control issues
  • Eliminate the need for paper storage, increasing efficiency
  • Leverage a central source of truth, securing audit trails
  • Utilize advanced technology, ensuring the security of information
  • Enter custom URL's linking to training videos on external sites
  • Upload PDF's, Word Docs, XLS, PPT, JPG, and PNG Files
Cap table management made easy!
Equa's robust and user friendly cap table management tool easily allows you to create and manage your cap table with little effort.

Add multiple securities and legends, instantly view your stock certificates, and more! Our colorful line graph, further helps to illustrate ownership ratios.

Review your transaction history to see specific dates and progression.
Digitally organize your business today
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