Cap Table Management

Cap table management made easy!

Equa's robust and user friendly cap table management tool easily allows you to create and manage your cap table with little effort.

Add multiple securities and legends, instantly view your stock certificates, and more! Our colorful line graph, further helps to illustrate ownership ratios.

Review your transaction history to see specific dates and progression. 

Create digital certificates with ease!

Once you've added your team members, securities, and legends, you will be able to create and view your digital share certificates.

With our Growth Plan, you would be able to download and utilize these shares as well.

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Easily incentivize your team with company equity.

With Equa, you can easily create Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) or other Incentive Plans to reward your trusted employees with ownership of the company.

The benefits of this are your employees feel more bought in, empowered, and valued, ensuring their determination to allow your organization to succeed as much as you want it to. 

Equa provides a visual graph to depict time-based vesting schedules, to easily show when your team member's options will vest. 

Have multiple organizations? Perfect!

With Equa, you can easily manage more than one organization with no effort. 

From your Admin Dashboard, you can easily access one org to another.  Upload company logos in the Settings tab, add company URL's for easy navigation, and more!

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  • Our Actions Features

  • Create your new org with ease!

  • Easily upload company docs to your data room.

  • We can help to incorporate your new org.

  • Draft digitized stock certificates with ease.

  • Log Transfers of Share Certificates.

  • We can even be your transfer agent with Equa Transfer.

  • Communicate and collaborate!*

  • Initiate and complete Capital Calls.*

  • Board Meeting Voting and Managing.*

  • Use our integrated signing feature.*

  • Update your governing docs easily!*

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