Why Equa?

What will happen...

If you enter into a litigious and expensive lawsuit?
If you run out of money?
If your partners breach their contract?
If you can't keep up with your legal filings and agreements?
When you die?

Rights management starts with great document maintenance

Remain resilient and dynamically prepared for the future. Start with a free data room

Manage and automate important contractual agreements.
Create a new organization or modernize the current one.
Connect your Actors to Actions in customized workflows.
Simplify adding investors to your organization.

Improved Financial Control

Cap table management can become a legal and financial nightmare for business owners if not carefully attended. You don't want to mismanage your cap table. It could be a costly mistake, adding up in steep legal fees. Let us help. Features we offer:

Update your customizable cap table with our simple interface.
Transfer any asset within using our internal transfer agent.
Records of vesting schedules.
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