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As experienced founders, investors, and startup executives, we are passionate believers in providing transparency to all stakeholders; whether they are employees, investors, or advisors, they have profound affect on the success of a business. As such, we believe they deserve insight into what the company is doing and access to what their company ownership looks like.

This is one reason why having a digitized, updated, and shareable cap table is crucial.

Follow the steps below to get started in Equa.
Begin promoting cooperative ownership in your company:

1. Organization Setup

Once you have created your organization in Equa, you will gain access to a company-level dashboard that summarizes key equity stats, a user-friendly cap table, and a customizable data room. All of these items are accessible via the main navigation bar at the top.

2. Add Team Members

Team members can be individuals who are on your cap table, or those that you want to help you manage and drive transparency.

a. Select “Team Members” on the main navigation bar and click “Add Member”.
b. Provide member details (not all fields are required) and select the desired Role:
     "Manager" will have access to the full platform, which includes the main dashboard, cap table, their individual shareholder view, and the data room.
     A “Guest” will only have access to their individual shareholder view.
     A "Signatory" is an individual whose name will appear on digitally represented stock certificates.
     An "Auditor" has the same access as the Manager role, but in a read-only capacity
     An "Investor" has access to the the main dashboard, the detailed cap table, their individual shareholder view. They do NOT have access to the data room.
     "Legal" can view and edit the cap table, documents stored in the data room and organizational settings.
c. Click “Save Member”.

3. Create Your Cap Table

In order to migrate your cap table into Equa, you will need to add each cap table member individually. If you have more than 5 shareholders and are interested in having Equa’s Customer Success Team onboard your cap table, please email support@equastart.io.

a. Select “Cap Table” on the main navigation bar to start.
b. Click the “Draft” button and begin filling out the form.
     Select the Shareholder. The dropdown will contain a list of all added team members.
     Select the issuance date of the equity position.
     Select the type:
     Common or preferred for corporations
     Units for LLCs
     Select the class if applicable. If there is no class, leave “A” selected.
     Identify any capital contribution. This is the amount the shareholder paid for their shares (shares * current fair market value).
Leave as “0” for now if you are not sure.
     Identify the number of shares.
     Provide the appropriate legend to be place on the back of the stock certificate that will automatically be rendered.
If you are not familiar with or do not know the legend language, please reach out to support@equastart.io for help.
     Click “Issue” to complete the process and see the entry on the cap table.

4. Viewing The Cap Table

After you have added the cap table members, the “Cap Table” view accessible via the main nav will be a representation of your current cap table.

  • On the cap table, you will see an individual summary by default.
  • You can expand an individual’s row to see all their positions (if they have more than one).  When expanded, you can click and view their unique stock certificate (a digital representation) for each.
  • Columns can be sorted as desired.
  • If you would like to be able to print your cap table, please reach out to the support@equastart.io for help.

5. Data Room - Cap Table Document Vault

Build a robust data room to centralize your cap table related documents.

  1. Select “Data Room” on the main navigation bar.
  2. Create folders, sub-folders, upload files, etc.
    • Suggested Files
      • Stock agreements
      • Board consents
      • Stock plan
We look forward to helping you and your company grow, please do not hesitate to reach out for help: support@equastart.io 
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