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Our mission is to provide value to investors, owners and operators of organizations using technology to assist with organizational management and record keeping of digital ownership. We deliver value by reducing administration, operational and third-party expenses and by empowering key stakeholders to effortlessly manage important actions, transactions and business responsibilities.‚Äč

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You'll want your organizational investors to maintain the highest financial control over their assets while maintaining their cap tables. Equa's safe harbor services also include scenario modeling and 409A valuations to help maintain regulatory compliance and prepare for future uncertainties. You'll receive:

Cap Table Management Tool

Equa Transfer (In House Transfer Agent)

ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

Scenario Analysis

409A Valuations


Legal concerns for investors surround structural efficiency of the organizations in which they are investing. To ensure there are no legal concerns, proper formation documents and business agreements must be in place. Equa has the tools to help.

Entity Formation Support

Structural and Entity Efficiency

Formation and Legal Document Organization

Business Agreement Management


Your investment plans will require a superior document storage and versioning system. Equa will deliver a suite of document storage tools to help maintain up-to-date and organized documents. As an investor, you'll also have access to our state-of -the-art data room, which will provide insights about the performance of your organizations. You'll receive:

Permission-Based Document Access

Investor Data Room

Notification System
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