How To Use the EquanimID Portal As A Customer

Learn how to use the EquanimID Portal As A Customer. In this tutorial we will discuss how to create an account, verify your email address, and verifying your identity as an Equa investor or for EquanimID KYC/Accreditation only.
Step 1: Go to and click on the “EquanimID” button link on the top navigation bar.
Step 2: You will be redirected to Please click the “Sign in With Tokensoft” button.
Step 3: Please click on the “REGISTER” tab and fill out the required fields.

Complete the form by:

  1. Entering your email address
  2. Creating a new password
  3. Re-entering your new password
  4. Reading, then checking that you have read Tokensoft’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy 5. Checking the reCaptcha box that you are not a robot
  5. Clicking the green “Register” button
Step 4: Verify your email address by going to your inbox (be sure to check your spam/junk/promotions folders if not in your top inbox), and then click on the link that was emailed to you.
Step 5: Once email is verified, you will be brought back to the EquanimID/Tokensoft portal, where you will login with your credentials.

Read, then check that you agree to Equa’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and then click the “Allow” button.
Step 6: Once you’re inside the EquanimID portal, you’ll see this screen:
Pick one of the two options:
Equa Investors
EquanimID KYC/Accreditation Only
Step 7: Once you’re inside the EquanimID portal, you’ll see this screen:
Step 8: Click on the “Identity Verification” card, then click “Next”.
Step 9: Select Individual or Entity. For this training exercise, we’ll go with the Individual path. Select Individual, then click the green “Next” button.
Step 10: Complete the Individual Identity Verification form with all of your personal information. Then, click the “Submit & Review” green button at the bottom.
Step 11: The screen will have a red text line that prompts you to review your information again. Review. If needed, click “Edit” to make any corrections. If all is well, click the green “Submit” button.
Step 12: You will then land back on the Verification page as shown, with the new comment of “Additional Documentation Required” under the Identity Verification tile title.

Click on that Identity Verification tile again.
Step 13: You will then see this ID Document Upload pop up. Click the blue “Next” button.
Step 14: You will be prompted to select what type of ID you will be submitting. For this example, we will be using a passport.
Step 15: Follow the on screen instructions to either take a picture of your passport via your phone, or upload a photo.
Step 16: If you chose upload photo for your identification, you will need to upload it from your computer. Click the “Upload photo” button.
Step 17: Once you upload your identification and made sure that all details are visible, click the “Confirm” button.
Step 18: The system will prompt you to take a selfie on your computer’s web camera to compare it with the identification that you have uploaded. Please click the “Continue” button to proceed.
Step 19: Click the "Enable Camera” button, then take a selfie using your web camera. Once that’s done, click the “Confirm” button.
Step 20: If you chose continue on phone for your identification, you will need to upload it from your phone. Click the “Get secure link” button.
Step 21: From here you can either scan the QR Code with your phone by using your camera, get a link sent via SMS, or copy the link manually and paste it into your phone’s browser.
Step 22: Click the “Take photo” button.
Step 23: Review the accepted photo type, then click “Take photo” button again.
Step 24: Once you upload your identification and made sure that all details are visible, click the “Confirm” button.
Step 25: Once your identification has been successfully uploaded, you can now return to your computer for the next steps.
Step 26: Click the “Submit verification” button to complete the verification process.

That completes the process of verifying your identity.

Once your ID has been verified, it will reflect once you are logged in to the dashboard.
Step 27: Click on the “Investor Accreditation” tile.
Step 28: Select one that applies whether you have been previously certified as an accredited investor within the past 90 days, then click the “Continue” button.
Step 29: Please select one accreditation qualification that applies to you.
Step 30A: High Net Worth Individuals

Please upload documents (not older than 90 days) that show your net worth exceeds $1,000,000.00 and credit report (by clicking on the “Credit Report” tab*, then click the “Submit for Review” button.
Step 30B: High Net Income Earners

Please upload a document showing you have earned at least $200,000 in income per year for the past 2 years and proof that you are expected to have the same or more income in the current tax year.
Step 30C: Employee of Equa

Please upload proof of employment (not older than 90 days) by Equa stating that you are either a director, an executive officer, or a general partner of Equa.

You can also upload proof that you are a director of a general partner, an executive officer of a general partner or a general partner of a general partner of Equa, then click the “Submit for Review” button.

That completes the process of submitting the required documents to verify you as an accredited investor. A member of Equa will review your submitted documents and will get in touch with you if there are any additional documents needed.

Still need help?

Email one of our Equanaut support agents at, and we can assist you further there.
Thank you.

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