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Why Equa?

Digital Equity transfer services customized for your company
A fully-digital transfer agent built on the blockchain, Equa allows you to record transactions, issue and cancel securities, and get financial reports. Decades of financial industry expertise and Equa's platform provide your Blockchain entity with customized share management solutions.
Secure, trustworthy and neutral third party
As your Escrow Agent, we’ll provide a simple, safe and cost-effective service
Handle all your recordkeeping in one place
Equa’s seamless and affordable EDGAR filings service allows you to process and maintain all your information in one place.
Save time on your annual meeting planning
Proxy voting, Shareholder communication, document preparation and delivery – Equa is a one-stop-shop for all your transfer needs

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Equa makes it frictionless to issue and cancel securities, record transfers, and run financial reports. Manage it all simply and securely.
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The Equa Transfer Advantage

The Equa transfer portal has been built to offer organizations ease of use and security in their shareholder transactions. Designed so that your investors experience a seamless and professional investment process from end-to-end.

From purchase to transfer and beyond, our innovative solution allows for easy organization of all of your shareholder records in one place, and for blockchain, uses crypto-enabled signatures to create an immutable record.

For your blockchain organization, we provide the innovation and recordkeeping solutions you need to accelerate your growth.

What Is A Transfer Agent?

A transfer agent is a financial institution assigned by a corporation to maintain the financial records of each of its shareholders and tracking each investor’s account balance.

The transfer agent also works with other parties to ensure investors receive dividends and interest payments. They record all shareholder transactions; cancel, issue, or reissue certificates; and process investor mailings.

Common and preferred stock shareholders also have voting rights, such as merger activities and corporate sales. These votes are managed through transfer agents who send proxy information to shareholders.

Learn more about how our platform can help your blockchain organization be more organized and better able to provide the peace of mind your investors and customers seek on our blog. There you will find white papers, blogs, and answers to your questions about issuance and how Equa’s seamless process can benefit your business.
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Created to offer a seamless process for shareholder relations, Equa is your partner for your needs from a Transfer Agent.
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