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The Future of Agreements and Transactions is 
Instantaneous and Frictionless

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Technologies Today Fail to Meet the Public's Needs in Agreements

High Friction
Younger Generations Will Organize Differently
Younger generations will organize in a radically different way. Crypto enabled, frictionless agreements and transactions from signing to settlement will be the new norm.

Equa is a new platform for organizations to capture this future.


Problem: Agreements & Transactions in Organizations Are High Friction, Slow & Disorganized

Organizations today encounter several significant legal and administrative challenges over their lifecycle; today there are fragmented answers to their problems but no single source solution.

Multiple Service Providers
No Integration
Higher Costs
Information Inefficiency

Solution: Equa's Platform Revolutionizes Corporate Structure

Equa is the only one-stop-shop software solution for frictionless organization integrated in a company's current workflow.
Single Source Solution
Turn-Key Integration
Low Cost
Organized Information

Equa's Essential Features

Company Formation & Management

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On-The-Go Governance

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Transfer of Digital Securities

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Self-Issuance & Investor Workflow

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Mobile Friendly

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Blockchain Signatures

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Equa Today

$22K / Month & Growing 40% Per Month
31 Paid Organizations, 75 Unpaid Organizations
~ 775 Members 

Equa is a One-Stop-Shop For Managing Agreements & Transactions With the Systems You Already Use

Equa’s platform provides the ability for companies to organize and build using the processes, plug-ins and applications related to their organization’s structure.
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Equa Offers Critical Products & Services Across Large & Diverse Markets 

Unlike incumbent companies who focus on high-growth C-Corps, Equa targets C-Corps, S-Corps, LLCs, SPVs (multi-asset/rolling), and SPACs.
38 Million Organizations in Total Addressable Market (TAM)
*See subscript resources 1-6 at end of webpage
  • Small business make up 99.7% of companies and 45% of GDP in the US; worldwide there are 38 million companies, and the number is increasing every year
Equa Target Market
TAM Continues to Grow

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Legal Tech & Data Room Management

Crowd Funding & Cap Table  Management

Transfer Agents

Exchange (ATS)

Digital Assets & Smart Contracts

* See subscript resources 7-11 at end of webpage

Equa Grows Network Effects By Serving Members vs. Organizations

Equa Empowers Members to Grow the Network By Focusing on the Social Components Within A Current Organization Processes 
Equa Focuses On Member Engagement & Builds In Equa Cash Incentives Throughout the Platform

Equa focuses on member first by engaging through:

  • Increased organizational participation
  • Helping members build and track their assets
  • By encouraging members to invite colleagues and friends through a referral program
Built-In Member Focused Engagement Expands the Network Exponentially

Equa Has Built a Scalable & Sticky Sales Model 

Equa Cash Incentives Generate a Strong Backbone For Network Effects

Equa's Traction Continues to Grow As Partnerships & Affiliates Drive Referrals

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Organizations = Companies Using Equa
Members = Organization's Team Members Using Equa
To Date, Equa has had a 100% Retention Rate
Timeline of Essential Partnerships & Integrations
Equa has already targeted, began discussions, and signed LOI's for key partnerships and integrations over the next year.





Current LOI
Current LOI
Identity Service
Negotiating LOI
Issuance Platform
Referral Agreement
Crowdfunding Platform
In Discussion
Blockchain Crowdfunding, Secondary Trading Integration 
Partially Under LOI
Integration A
 Crowdfunding Platform
In Discussion
Integration B
Crowdfunding Platform
In Discussion
Exchange (ATS)
In Discussion
Exchange (ATS)
In Discussion

Recurring & One-Time Charges to Meet All Organization's Needs


to start during free trail period
Free monthly trial to help beginning Founders, Startups & CEO's to START their new organization off the right way!  

Products & Services:

  • ORM Platform
  • Data Rooms
  • Auto Updates to Cap Table
  • Electronic Securities
  • Option Exercising
  • Member Management

GROWTH (Most Popular)

Tiered Pricing
scales based on number of shareholders
A full equity management solution allowing our organizations to GROW with incentive plans and built-in digital transfers.

Products & Services: 

  • All of the Same Offers from the START plan, plus:
  • Equity Incentive Plans
  • Employee Stock Option Plans
  • Transfers
  • Repurchases


Bespoke Pricing
based on organizational complexity
A bespoke pricing solution for organizations with 200+ members, and/or complex models which are focused on preparing to SCALE. 

Products & Services:

  • All of the Same Offers from our GROWTH plan, plus:
  • White-Glove, Mentoring & Coaching into your IPO
  • Compliance, KYC & Distribution Solutions for Large Distributions
Recurring or 
One-Time Charges
Pricing based on custom estimates and is subject to change

Products or Services: 

  • Actions Page: $29 / mo
  • 409A Valuations: $999
  • 409A Materials Refresh: $499
  • Blockchain & Token Securities: $1000-$3000
  • Investor Issuance Portal Page: $899
  • Legal Entity Formation: $199

High Organic Growth & Margin Opportunities

  • MMR $22K
  • 40% Month-Over-Month Growth
  • Gross Margins above 65%
  • Monthly Burn Rate $75K

Defined Growth Strategy With Roadmap for Success


An Agile & Product Focused Team, Getting a Lot Done

Shawn A. Owen

Founder & CEO
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Stephanie Vaughan

VP of Corporate Development
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Kelley J. Cochran

Creative Director
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Sten Wie, PhD

VP of Business Development
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Josef Schaible

Chief Compliance Officer
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Christopher Johnson

System Architect
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Izabella Bedo

Graphic Designer
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Equa is the integrated software solution meeting companies' needs today. 
Find Peace of Mind and Equanimity with Equa.

In 2020 with $250,000 We've Built:
 One-Stop-Shop Product for Formation, Governance & Transfer
$22K / Month & Growing 40% Per Month
31 Paid Organizations, 75 Unpaid Organizations
~ 775 Members 
Accomplished Without a Sales Team!
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Use of Proceeds: 

$500K Convertible Note / Pre-Seed followed by $1.9M seed round.

$2.4M Equity Infusion Provides: 

And Would Be Spent On:

Focus on Sales, Company Formation Software, and Mobile App First

The Future of Agreements and Transactions is 
Instantaneous and Frictionless

Difficult to Replicate Position
Early Traction & Strong Pathway for Success
Serves Attractive, Diverse & Growing Markets
Agile & Product Focused Team
Superior Financial Model Recurring, High Growth
Scalable Growth Platform

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