Real World Case Study

Justin Podhola, CEO

Justin's Pain Points: 

  • Difficulty Managing Expectations with Stakeholders in Many Time Zones
  • Lack of Automated Workflow or Ability to Administrate Paperwork Efficiently (Multiple apps like DocuSign, HelloSign)
  • Expensive Legal Costs Associated with Large & Frequent Investor & Contractor Documents
  • No Single Solution to Manage Multiple Classes of Equity (Traditional & Tokenized) 
  • No Ability to Create Compliant & Transparent Digital Transfers

Using the Equa Solution, Justin is enjoying EQUANIMITY!

Justin is Now Experiencing: 

  • Management of Multiple Organizations w/ a Single Log In
  • Ability to Manage Traditional and Tokenized Equity in a Single Cap Table Admin Tool
  • Easy to Communicate & Distribute Tokens & Equity w/ Investors & Contractors
  • 24 Hour Access For All Stakeholders
  • Transparent & Historical View of All Governance & Transactions Associated w/ the Growth
  • Equa Transfer Serving as Agent of Record & Integrated For Frictionless Transfer of Both Equity & Tokens
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