Equa's Platform Evolves & Grows With Our Clients

Company Milestones

Idea & Company Formation
 Look for Capital
Hire & Build Team
Transfer Investors
Exchange (Secondary Trading)
Release to Public

Current Products & Services:

  • Secure Data Room Storage
  • Employee Incentive Plan Management
  • Draft Certified Digital Certificates
  • Multiple Org Dashboard
  • Cap Table Management¬†
  • Team Member Management
  • Gap Analysis
  • Customizable Investor Data Rooms
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Update Governing Documents
  • Seamless Digital Transfer of Assets
  • Maintaining Corporate Security Holder Records
  • Issuance of Digital Securities
  • Support of 409A Valuations
  • Introductions to Broker-Dealers
  • Introduction to Crowd Funding Platforms
  • White-Glove Organizational Build
  • White-Glove Guided Service

Future Products & Services:

  • Legal Entity Formation
  • Capital Call Facilitation
  • Any Clawbacks or Re-Issuance
  • Exchange & ATS Integration
  • Ready for Digital Asset Issuance
  • Ready for Compliant Public Release
  • Document Signing
  • Secure & Digital Board Meeting Voting¬†
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