Our Organizations Love Us!

Jenna Pilgrim
CEO & Co-Founder
About: Streambed is a publishing suite and analytics engine that uses blockchain technology to link content across the internet.
"Equa is a great product to help my collaborative company keep track of all of our contributions. Sten, Shawn and the team are deeply knowledgeable about what small companies need in this regard, and as such molded the product to fit."
Contact: jenna@streambedmedia.com
Steven Zeiler
CEO & Founder
About: AnyPay is the leader in retail payments solutions for modern digital currency users.

"Equa empowers my team with visibility into our company structure where before we were blind. The software Equa is building simlifies and replaces lots of expensive, tedious emails and phone calls with our attorneys. Ultimately we expect Equa to make us way more effective in organizing our companies."
Contact: steven@anypayinc.com
Anthem Blanchard
About: Anthem Holdings Company is a parent company for several other of Anthem's organizations, including Anthem Gold & Anthem Vault.
"We chose to work with Equa because they provide forward-thinking solutions that allow us to provide a greater sense of trust and transparency to our shareholders. Compared to other solutions, Equa offers unmatched and fair service that scales its price based on our needs."

Contact: anthem@HERC.one
Sami Halabi
CEO & Founder
About: Univoice is the 1st mobile app to teach languages exclusively through music.

"I've never engaged with such an attentive & competent team, like the one I've had the pleasure of working with at Equa Start. From Day 1, every engagement has provided immense value. We wouldn't be as organized as we are today & have such a peace of mind, if it weren't for the Equa Start team. We highly recommend to any founder or entrepreneur!"
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