Meet Our
Advisory Board

Customer Advisory Board

Marc Blinder


Anthem Blanchard

CEO, Anthem Holdings

Craig Jonas

CEO, CoPeace

Product Advisory Board

Tron Black

Head of Raven Foundation

Lucas Kozinski

Head of Operations, TokenSoft

Strategic Advisory Board

Tim Dunn

SEC Advisor

Matt Armstrong

AU Advisor

Irina S. Litchfield

FinTech Introductions & Advisor

Financial Advisory Board

Marty Jensen

Financial Advisor

Accounting Advisory Board

Diane Rowland

Fiducial Business Centers, Inc

Legal Advisory Board

Steven Masur

Legal Advisor

We're Interviewing for Our Advisory Board

In 2018, we set out to build solutions that streamline and simplify agreements for organizations and stakeholders. 

Now we are building an advisory board of Financial, Blockchain, and Tech professionals that are committed to actively participating in the development of new solutions being released by Equa. 

Your Benefits 

Equity Ownership
Growing Startup
Advisory Board Member

Your Tasks 

Group Discussions
Product Feedback/Advice
Beta Product Testing
Feature Suggestions
Company Evangelist